Thinking About Relocating for a Job? [Video]

  Are you thinking about relocating for a job? There are opportunities out there, and if working somewhere else appeals to you, then start preparing now. Check out Julia’s tips to build the network you are going to need to find that right job.

Your Job Search During the Pandemic

Job Searching During the Pandemic

No doubt, your life has been turned upside down in the past few months. If you’re out of work, or if your job has become unstable, you’re probably thinking, “Sure, I want to find a new job—but how?” Let’s start with what NOT to do. If are working from home […]

Networking Effectively

Networking Effectively: A Simple Guide To Advancing Your Career

Networking is the number one way to get a new job or move up in your present one, hands down. Effective networking works. Career coaches, executive coaches and many other in-the-know professionals have been saying this for years, but the advice often goes unheeded. I can understand why. Networking makes most […]

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Networking Doesn’t Have to Feel Like “Work”

For many, networking has become a dreaded word. It’s associated with going to events, shaking hands with people you don’t know, trying to be “on”, and feeling the pressure to come back to work or home with some big result. Granted, some people love to do this. But for a […]