Julia Shows You Exactly How to Nail Your Video Interview [Video]

  Practice Makes Perfect! Be prepared for your video interview by practicing your answers and creating the professional persona you want them to see, for a smooth and effective interview. Be confident in your preparation by making sure all these steps are done well ahead of your interview. Once you […]

Salary Negotiation Image

Negotiate Your Best Salary Offer Yet: Do Your Research

Salary negotiation is uncomfortable and complicated. Let’s face it, after you have gone through a gauntlet of interviews you may be tempted to say “yes” to almost anything, so the job search can finally end and you can get started in your new role. However, negotiating your salary at the […]

Video Interview Image

Video Interview Coming Up? Here’s How to Nail It.

When actively looking for a job you’re bound to have at least one video interview during the hiring process. Mastering the technology and technique for this specialized type of interview is important – but can be tricky. While most first interviews are conducted over the phone, many companies use video […]

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A Quick Guide to Ace Your Next Phone Interview

Phone interviews are deceptive. They may seem like a breeze because you can reference your notes and you don’t need to be concerned with making eye contact, sweaty palms, or interview dress. However, thinking a phone interview is a “light” version of an in-person interview means you are probably not […]

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Land That Job: 10 Interview Mistakes You Can Avoid!

“Don’t make a mistake.” Professionals have a lot of self-talk in their minds before an interview and much of it is about saying and doing the right things in order to land the job. “Make a great impression,” “Put your best foot forward,” “Don’t mess this up.” 15 minutes is […]