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Video Interview Coming Up? Here’s How to Nail It.

When actively looking for a job you’re bound to have at least one video interview during the hiring process. Mastering the technology and technique for this specialized type of interview is important – but can be tricky. While most first interviews are conducted over the phone, many companies use video […]

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A Quick Guide to Ace Your Next Phone Interview

Phone interviews are deceptive. They may seem like a breeze because you can reference your notes and you don’t need to be concerned with making eye contact, sweaty palms, or interview dress. However, thinking a phone interview is a “light” version of an in-person interview means you are probably not […]

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Land That Job: 10 Interview Mistakes You Can Avoid!

“Don’t make a mistake.” Professionals have a lot of self-talk in their minds before an interview and much of it is about saying and doing the right things in order to land the job. “Make a great impression,” “Put your best foot forward,” “Don’t mess this up.” 15 minutes is […]