Mentoring For Your Career

Professional Mentoring : When You Give You Get

Enhancing your own professional development is certainly time and effort well-invested. You are most likely seeing your devotion to your career development paying off in one, if not many, ways. Working on your next career steps can be very rewarding and exciting, but I find there is one specific area […]

Preparing Yourself for Working With a Career Coach Image

7 Tips for Success When Working With a Career Coach

Working with a Career Coach is a terrific investment in your career and your life. You’d expect me to say that, of course, but I think you’d be convinced too, if you have seen as many transformations as I have. My colleagues and I are committed to making professional life […]

Holian Associates | Thanks Mom! How My Mom Influenced My Career Path

Thanks Mom! How My Mom Influenced My Career Path

My mom entered the workforce in 1972. She was a newly single mom with two grade-school children and a mortgage to pay. She was probably scared to death about how she was going to make ends meet. I was too young at the time to pay attention to what she […]