Leaving Your Work at Work

3 Strategies for Leaving Your Work at Work

The season of gift giving has come to an end swiftly, as it always does.  But before you throw out the wrapping paper and take down the decorations, I want to let you know that there is one thing you can still give to yourself and your family that may […]

Show Gratitude

The Profound Effects of Gratitude in the Workplace

Over the holiday season we seem to focus more on showing gratitude for the things you have, the people in your lives, and for the experiences you’ve had thus far. But as I started to think about it, I wondered if we really follow through with gratitude in the workplace, or […]

Negotiating a raise successfully

4 Simple Steps to Getting the Raise You Deserve

Want a foolproof way to strike horror into the heart of any respectable professional this Halloween? Whisper the words “negotiate a raise” into the ear of even the best executives and managers, and they will run away shrieking. Negotiating a better salary is so scary that 18% of job seekers […]

Transitioning From Peer to Boss Successfully

Transitioning from Peer to Boss Successfully

Most people pursue growth and promotion in their work life. This should be rewarding and lead to a feeling of success and accomplishment. But it can be awkward when a promotion means you will now supervise your friends or the same people who used to be your peers. Your close […]

Gallup Strengths Image

The Better You Know Your Strengths, the More Successful You’ll Be

There’s a lot of talk these days about knowing your own strengths, but what does that really mean? And what exactly are strengths? Gallup, Inc., the performance-management consulting company, defines strengths as a combination of skills and knowledge developed through practice and multiplied by talent (the natural way a person […]

The Real Reason People Change Jobs Image

The Real Reason People Change Jobs

There are a lot of reports and statistics about why people change jobs. Many cite more pay or a bigger salary. In the Bay Area, many people are looking to shorten their commute. But the #1 reason, and the reason that permeates all situations, is a person’s belief in the […]

Holian Associates | Thanks Mom! How My Mom Influenced My Career Path

Thanks Mom! How My Mom Influenced My Career Path

My mom entered the workforce in 1972. She was a newly single mom with two grade-school children and a mortgage to pay. She was probably scared to death about how she was going to make ends meet. I was too young at the time to pay attention to what she […]