Salary, Compensation &
Benefits Negotiation

It feels so good to get a great job offer!

Wouldn’t it be great if people could read your mind and offer you exactly what you want? Unfortunately, it rarely ever happens that way. Getting what you want typically required you to do the negotiation “dance”. You have to know when to hold back and wait to be asked, and when it’s better to broach the subject yourself.

We often get asked,

  • What’s the best way to answer questions about what I’m looking for or what I’ll accept?
  • How do I make sure I’m not pricing myself out of a job or going in too low?
  • When is it okay to start asking questions about what compensation and benefits might look like?
  • Now that I have an offer, what’s the best way for me to negotiate a higher salary, a better bonus, more PTO, or a different title?

There are unwritten rules, and there are a variety of strategies. We know the how recruiters, HR, and executives operate in the offer/negotiation game.

We’ll be your running mate and coach as you navigate each turn and make the best decision.

“After years with the same employer, I needed coaching to stay engaged and look for ways to increase my value. With Julia’s support, I was able to negotiate for a new role to be created with my employer and get the compensation package I wanted.”
Amy J.
VP, Human Resources