Traci N. – VP Finance

I needed advice on honing my interview skills for an executive-level position. Working with Julia, I was able to concisely state my value proposition as a leader that had a large impact to how my story landed. I received a VP level job right after our consultation!

Ella S. – CFO / Controller

Julia was an invaluable resource in guiding me through networking, interviewing, identifying companies to target and being an exceptional sounding board. I am certain that our work together was instrumental in my success in securing a new position in a relatively short amount of time.

Pat S. – CFO / CPA

Julia has been professional, responsive, encouraging, realistic and, probably most importantly, terrific at helping me clarify my interests and messaging, as well as my networking strategy–all at a reasonable price.

Mary W. – Corporate Wellness Program Director

Julia provided me with the clarity, confidence and practical advice that energized my search.  By working with Julia, I was able to better articulate my core skills which led to growing my confidence and leadership abilities.  The investment in Julia and her team is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your career.

Amy J. – VP, Human Resources

I was a Vice President at a great organization, but after years with the same employer, I needed coaching to stay engaged and look for ways to increase my value. With Julia’s support, I was able to negotiate for a new role to be created with my employer and get the compensation package I wanted.

My investment in Julia’s coaching paid off is so many ways; economically as I negotiated a great new job, emotionally as I worked through deliberating whether to stay or leave my previous employer, and in reinforcing my self confidence in my professional skills. I will continue to utilize Julia in the future and continue to recommend her to friends and colleagues.

Gus J. – Digital Marketing / Account Manager

She had good energy and was proactive. Working with Julia I was better able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, as well as knowing how to highlight my skills and experience to the positions I applied for.

Shannon A. – Human Resources Manager

Julia taught me how to go into a job interview with pointed, thoughtful questions in order to better understand the companies and people that I could potentially work for.  Julia was instrumental in my success of obtaining a job I truly desired and a career that would continue to challenge me.

If you’re looking for constructive feedback that will guide you in the right direction without judgement, you should reach out to Julia and her team!

Rick H. – Executive Director, Nonprofit

Working with Julia resulted in success!  I got the job, the only one I contacted Julia about. If you are on the fence get off it and hire Julia, the sooner the better.

Chris F. – VP Product Management

Julia’s coaching, sage advice and moral support was invaluable in helping me navigate today’s careers landscape. Julia was also instrumental in helping me self-evaluate what was really important to me within the context of my life goals. In fact Julia is more than a strategist, she is a career therapist!