Resumes, LinkedIn
and Professional Branding

In today’s world, a well-crafted resume and LinkedIn profile are essential. They are marketing tools that showcase your professional brand, and when done right, will set you apart from other candidates in the market.

Yet, most people struggle with communicating their professional brand, deciding what to include and keep off their resume, and how to stand out on LinkedIn. Don’t let the stress of creating these tools prevent you from going after your career goals. We get it. It’s not easy writing about yourself. That’s why we do it for you.

Our process is unique, and differs from most writing firms. We want to learn everything we can about how you got to where you are today and where you want to go in your career. For us, the best way to do this is to interview you.

When we talk with you one-on-one, we tap into all the subtleties of what you like, dislike, want, avoid, and hope for. We hear your voice. And we’re able to ask follow up questions right then and there.

Your time is precious. We won’t make you fill out a long questionnaire or spend hours writing about your experiences. We promise, this process is less time consuming for you and much more impactful for us.

What We Write

  • Resumes
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Cover Letter Templates
  • Board/Executive Bios, and Consulting Sales One-Sheets
“Julia provided me with the clarity, confidence and practical advice that energized my search. By working with Julia, I was able to better articulate my core skills which led to growing my confidence and leadership abilities. The investment in Julia and her team is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your career.”
Mary W.
Corporate Wellness Program Director

What Should I Include on my Resume?