Writing Services/Personal Branding

Expertly Written Assets (Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn)

Your resume is crucial to a successful job search. It is a marketing tool that acts as the gateway to initial conversations and the backbone of many interviews. Most employers spend between 6-10 seconds scanning a resume before deciding where to file it. Some professionals struggle to strategically organize the successes of their careers in just a couple pages. We get it! Writing objectively about yourself is not an easy thing.

Don’t let the stress of creating a well-crafted resume prevent you from going after your career goals. We will work together to uncover your skills and accomplishments and then hammer out the details. Our writing services include personal branded assets including:

Resume Flowchart


√  Resume

√  Bio or Position Statement

√  Cover Letter Guidance

√  Reference Letters

√  Thank You Notes

√  LinkedIn Profile Revamping


Personal Branding

At the heart of every successful job search is a clear strategy not unlike that used by successful businesses. Think of your favorite products. Each has a distinctive message that sets it apart from competitive brands.

Every time you put yourself out there you are marketing yourself. Creating a personal brand for yourself will provide you with the same benefits. We will work together to create:

  • Targeted lists of opportunities that align with your strengths, passions and goals.
  • strategic resume and written elements that showcase the strengths that align with your brand.
  • Confidence boosting messaging that helps you walk into networking events or interviews with the exact talking points that will showcase your professional story quickly and effectively.

No matter how much job experience you have, having a clear understanding of your professional brand can boost your confidence, keep you on track and ensure you know what you want out of your career.


“Julia provided me with the clarity, confidence and practical advice that energized my search.  By working with Julia, I was able to better articulate my core skills which led to growing my confidence and leadership abilities.  The investment in Julia and her team is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your career.”

         Mary W. – Corporate Wellness Program Director