Personalized Career Coaching

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today. You’ve played the game and done your best each step of the way. But something has changed. It may be obvious or it may be a feeling inside that you just can’t articulate yet.

Where do you go from here?

  • What are your talents and strengths, and how do you use them?
  • Are you maximizing your potential for success?
  • Are you experiencing burnout?
  • How well are you communicating your value and your VALUES?
  • What will it take to find that perfect job?
  • If you could change course, where would you go?
  • Need an accountability partner to help you…?

Assessing where you are, what you want -and don’t want, where you want to go, and what that looks like, means you’re open to learning and growing.

Here are some samples of how other clients have leaned on us to help them on their career journey.

Personalized Career Coaching means just that—Personalized. We’ll work together to help you answer your questions, plot your course, and design the strategies for what you’ll need on your journey.

“My investment in Julia’s coaching paid off is so many ways; economically as I negotiated a great new job, emotionally as I worked through deliberating whether to stay or leave my previous employer, and in reinforcing my self confidence in my professional skills. I will continue to utilize Julia in the future and continue to recommend her to friends and colleagues.”
Amy J.
VP, Human Resources