Leadership Coaching

Leadership skills are rarely taught in a classroom.

They’re developed over time through interaction, observation, assessment of one’s values and beliefs, and often the thought to never be like that, or a desire to try to be like that person.

Most people aren’t conscious of what their leadership style is or how they want to lead. Rather, they figure it out as they go without understanding why they see things the way they do and how their approach or style is impacting the people and circumstances around them.

Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner (ELI – MP)

Julia helps teams and individuals understand and shape their level of consciousness as leaders, explore how they “show up”, react to stress, resolve issues, make decisions, communicate with others, and build relationships. The Energy Leadership Index assessment reveals what specific filters a person has developed and how those filters are influencing the results they’re achieving. It helps them see how different energy shows up in their professional and personal life; how their thinking and/or their life situation might be creating stress for them and what they can do about that; and to uncover internal energy clocks, which are holding them back from success, happiness and purpose. (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, The Energy Leadership Index Assessment and Debrief).

Julia leads group workshops and provides one-on-one coaching that results in a greater understanding of how individuals see themselves in various situations and how they can consciously use different levels of energy to get the results they want and skillfully lead others.


“I was a Vice President at a great organization, but after years with the same employer, I needed coaching to stay engaged and look for ways to increase my value. With Julia’s support, I was able to negotiate for a new role to be created with my employer and get the compensation package I wanted.”

“My investment in Julia’s coaching paid off is so many ways; economically as I negotiated a great new job, emotionally as I worked through deliberating whether to stay or leave my previous employer, and in reinforcing my self confidence in my professional skills. I will continue to utilize Julia in the future and continue to recommend her to friends and colleagues.”

Amy J. – VP, Human Resources