Interview Preparation

Interviews can be intimidating. They can bring about feelings of pressure, anxiety, insecurity and fear of rejection.

The Secret Sauce: Preparation.

Let’s work together to smartly prepare for your next interview. You’ll learn to:

✔  Take fear out of the driver’s seat and let your confidence and experience shine

✔  Be more in control of the interview

✔  Give interview answers that impress

Learn from:

  • One-on-one interview strategy sessions
  • Targeted exercises, homework and techniques
  • Confidence-building mock interviews

Writing services (optional) include:

  • An expertly written resume, cover letter and thank you note.
  • Bio or Position Statement
  • LinkedIn Profile crafted specifically for your job search goals

Going to an interview, you may feel anxious, maybe even self-conscious; you don’t know what to expect, how to act, what to say, or even what to do with your hands. This insecurity eats away at your self-confidence. I understand how intense that can feel and I’ll help you get that confidence back and feel prepared.

I have been a part of many executive searches and interviewed 1,000s of candidates, both as a team-building recruiter and hiring executive, and can help you see your interview from a variety of perspectives. You’ll learn how to view your candidacy from the interviewer’s lens. This will give you insights to help ace your next interview.


"I needed advice on honing my interview skills for an executive-level position. Working with Julia, I was able to concisely state my value proposition as a leader that had a large impact to how my story landed. I received a VP level job right after our consultation!"

Traci N. - VP Finance

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