Career Launch for College Students & Recent Grads

Your first years in the “real world” can set the tone for the direction of your career, but most professionals jump into post-academia life without a detailed roadmap.

No one hands us a syllabus at graduation.

Working with a career strategist gives you access to experienced professionals who will help uncover your strengths and provide guidance and strategic insight about forging your career path.

We help young professionals start their career on the offense.

For clients that are in the early stages of their career, we provide the insight and tactical resources  to help you kick off your job search with confidence, feeling well prepared and at the top of your game.

You may already have a set career in mind, or maybe you are open to a wide variety of opportunities. Either way, we will review your personal and professional goals and determine the best ways to achieve them. This will include:

  • Dedicated assignments and sessions that will shine a spotlight on your needs and values.
  • Access to career scorecards that allow you to map out opportunities and pinpoint the opportunities that meet your criteria.
  • Strategic guidance to help you make career decisions that will help you launch a successful career – from your first job and on.

Putting your resources to work

The process of hunting for jobs and tackling interviews can be daunting without the right resources. We will help you vet opportunities and navigate your job search every step of the way. Through this process we will:

  • Grow your audience through effective networking.
  • Learn how to make a great first impression and naturally play to your strengths.
  • Prepare for interviews so you walk in knowing how to present yourself, how to tackle different interviews types and the strategy behind answering all those “tough” questions.


“I would highly recommend working with Liz to anyone who is looking to improve their resume, get an idea of what they want to do for a career and how they should do it, or really anyone aiming to make themselves the best possible candidate they can be.”

Stephanie A – Career Launch Client

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