College Students and Recent Grads

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If you landed here, chances are you are either:

A) a college student or recent grad, or
B) know or love a college student or recent grad that needs help launching their career.

You’re in the right place!

I’m Liz Helton of Julia Holian and Associates. We’re career strategists and coaches. We help people grow their careers and know that college students and recent grads have very specific career needs – and nowhere to turn for help.

In building a program designed specifically for you, we knew strategic career planning would be at the core of the process. We focus on several key elements:

✔ Goal Setting

✔ Job Search Strategy

✔ Resume Writing

✔ Networking

✔ LinkedIn and Social Media

✔ Interviewing

You’ll receive:

One-on-one coaching sessions that are personalized to fit your specific career development needs.

Assignments that put each session’s learning into action. You won’t just hear about how to build a plan. By the end of your program it is my hope that you’ll walk away already making strides toward your goals.

Career scorecards that help you evaluate and compare different opportunities and pinpoint which opportunities most closely meet your criteria.

Step-by-step guidance on building your resume and professional brand story. We’ll work together to uncover the pieces of your story that tie back to the roles you’re going after. Whether you’ve been working and interning since you were 15, or this will be your very first foray into the job market – you have a story tell. NO ONE IS A BLANK SLATE!

Strategic planning assistance to help you make career decisions that help you launch a successful career – from your first job and on.

You’ll become a pro at:

Growing your connections through effective networking.

Making a great first impression and naturally playing to your strengths.

Preparing for interviews: presenting yourself with authenticity and confidence, tackling different interviews types, strategies for answering those “tough” questions, and knowing what questions to ask, so you get the information you need to make a good decision.

Put your resources to work!

The process of hunting for jobs and tackling interviews can be daunting without the right resources. We’ll help you vet opportunities and navigate your job search every step of the way.

Are you ready to jumpstart your career?

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