Career Pivot: An Eyes-Wide-Open Approach to Changing Your Professional Direction

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Changing directions in your career can be both exciting and bewildering. But you’re not alone. More than 49% of professionals change industries at some point (Indeed, Career Change Report, October 30, 2019). Whether it’s a subtle shift from one industry or job function to another, or a complete 180˚ flip off your current course – […]

Identifying Your Strengths to be More Successful at Work

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Thinking about career goals for 2018? Focused on making your professional situation more profitable and satisfying in the New Year? You probably started assessing your career on a macro level; looking at things like career satisfaction, job satisfaction and possibly looking at your value in the marketplace. Evaluating your work situation is always helpful because […]

The Better You Know Your Strengths, the More Successful You’ll Be

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There’s a lot of talk these days about knowing your own strengths, but what does that really mean? And what exactly are strengths? Gallup, Inc., the performance-management consulting company, defines strengths as a combination of skills and knowledge developed through practice and multiplied by talent (the natural way a person thinks and acts). Gallup organizes […]