Career Transition & Job Search Strategies

Sometimes you just can’t stay in the job you’re in, and sometimes, someone else has decided that for you. In either case, you’re probably feeling a healthy dose of uncertainty combined with a decent-sized hit to your confidence. You need to get your mojo back!

Skillfully plan for your next success

To land the job you really want, you’ll need

1) a plan,

2) clear priorities,

4) effective communication,

5) consistent time commitment,

6) a positive outlook.

We’ll help you see the possibilities in front of you, pick the lane you want to be in, and create a game plan for getting back to a place where you love what you do and are working with people who see your talents and value.

“Julia was an invaluable resource in guiding me through networking, interviewing, identifying companies to target and being an exceptional sounding board. I am certain that our work together was instrumental in my success in securing a new position in a relatively short amount of time.”
Ella S.
CFO / Controller