New Job Career Advice

Congratulations On Your New Job! Now Do These 4 Things : VIDEO

Getting a new job is always exciting, congratulations! You polished your resume, brushed up on your interviewing skills, and maybe even leveraged LinkedIn, and you’re in! Career tip: Don’t stop there. You may need to make a career shift down the road, so do these 4 things and you’ll always […]

Interviewing in the Pandemic

The Virtual Interview – a Change for the Better

Job interviews are a necessary part of corporate life, and something that almost anyone who has ever earned a paycheck has had to do at some point. For the candidate, interviewing means dazzling strangers that hold the fate of their employment in their hands. Employers have the challenge of assessing […]

Cover Letter Tips

Cover Letter Tips: When to Write One and What to Say

Cover letters – the age-old formality of writing a letter and explaining why someone should consider you for a job. Cover letter anxiety often prevents applicants from following through and submitting for a role. The thought of putting pen to paper to convince someone to give you a shot can […]

Networking During Holiday Season

Make the Most of Networking During the Holiday Season

Tis the season… for reflection, reconnection and resolution. For many, the holidays are a time to connect with loved ones, colleagues and friends. It is the perfect time to polish up your networking habits. Here are some tips for ways you can boost your network as we navigate the 2021 […]

Julia Holian, Holian Associates

Today Marks a Major Milestone in My Career

Five years ago today, I said goodbye to my corporate job. I took the giant leap into entrepreneurship and launched my own firm. It was the scariest and most exciting thing I’ve ever done. Every year since, I’ve grown by at least 40% YoY, and 2020, despite all the changes […]

changing job retirement plan

Changing Jobs? What to Do With Your Retirement Plan

By Guest Blogger, Kathleen Charles.   One item on your to-do list when changing jobs is to decide what to do with your qualified retirement plan, such as a 401k, 457 or 403b Plan.  With the average employee changing jobs 12 times over the course of their career, this may not […]