Maximizing Your Career Potential: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Strong Professional Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is specifically designed for professionals to connect, network, and build their personal brand. With more than 900 million users across the world, LinkedIn has become a valuable tool for building your professional brand, attracting job opportunities, and connecting with other professionals in your […]

Managing a rescinded job offer

Avoiding and Managing Rescinded Job Offers

Talk about a job seeker’s worst nightmare! Back in June, Coinbase and several other major tech companies started a wave of layoffs and even began rescinding job offers. New hires that were days away from starting new roles were told their positions were no longer available. Even in the most stable […]

Julia Holian, Holian Associates

Today Marks a Major Milestone in My Career

Five years ago today, I said goodbye to my corporate job. I took the giant leap into entrepreneurship and launched my own firm. It was the scariest and most exciting thing I’ve ever done. Every year since, I’ve grown by at least 40% YoY, and 2020, despite all the changes […]