One of the reasons people benefit from our coaching is that we’re able to combine the findings of multiple assessments to understand who you are, how you think, and how your talents impact your success at work. We’ll use these tools to help clarify your values and create a complete strategy of what direction you want to take your career.

CliftonStrengths Assessment of 34 Talents Themes (Gallup)

The CliftonStrengths Assessment is based on the understanding that your greatest potential for success is grounded in taking action consistent with your inherent nature. The assessment ranks 34 strengths that all people possess to show you your most dominant, natural talents. We’ll review all 34 strengths, with an emphasis on your top five, as well as those ranking from six through ten, to analyze how they influence what you’re currently doing. Your awareness of where your strengths lie will help you understand and appreciate what you do best, and how to further develop and enhance those strengths. You’ll also learn to recognize talent in those around you, in addition to achieving success and satisfaction at work and in life.

Energy Leadership Index (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)

Using the premise that we are all leaders and influencers, the Energy Leadership Index was developed to help people in all walks of life shift their levels of consciousness and leadership ability to achieve better results. Using the findings from your individual assessment, we’ll explore how you “show up” and engage with others under normal circumstances and the impact stress has on your communication style, management approach, and ability to influence. This process works to help us formulate a plan of action to break through your obstacles to success, while building important skills, tools, and abilities for leading, as well as living.

Career Motivators Assessment (Julia Holian)

This Career Motivations assessment focuses on specific areas of importance for gauging a person’s level of past career satisfaction and what they want in the future. You’ll apply your own definitions to each term, indicate its level of significance to you, and explain what role these areas of motivation play in your goals. We’ll walk through how you want to prioritize each area in your career plan, so you stay focused on what will give you the highest degree of career satisfaction.